3 piece potato punk band in WNY; punchy, catchy, and a tinge unhinged. Energetic vocals and ecclectic melodies by vocalist/lyricist/guitarist Spud, groovy, intricate lines by bassist Henry Brown, and high octane rhythmic realness by drummer the Sensational Sonny Rocket makes every show one to remember. That and the potatoes that get distributed by the #spudsluts at the end of every show. Deeply rooted in story telling and desire to connect with the crowd at every show, spud makes music that people can rage to, cry to, or both (if they need to). Every member is a showman in their own right, and every show is a unique experience.


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Eccentric Artist Festival 2022 (Las Vegas, NV)

Babeville 2022

Spud and Guts 2022

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