Former desert dweller (originally from Las Vegas, NV) Demyia now resides in the heart of Buffalo, NY. Best known for minimalistic, yet effective digital productions ranging from dance-aholic to melancholic, and eccentric lyricism, they specialize in creating a sonic experience. After a year of experimentation, both a retro inspired disco EP and an electro pop/rap EP are currently in the works--set to release in the summer and fall of 2021, respectively. “With a smooth voice that makes you smile, the vividly described raps blow the mind and the quality is so clear to see. This is a polished act that has a sense of humor and self-awareness.” -Llewelyn Screen (ANR Factory)


Since age 8, Demyia has used songwriting as a way to process emotional input and make sense of the world around them. After 7 years of playing the clarinet, and performing in musicals the following 5 years, a career as a solo musician seemed like a natural next step... Sarcasm aside, the foundation of music mixed with theatricality and self taught piano “abilities” eventually prompted Demyia to put the pieces together to create a whole lotta glittery nonsense. Being in a perpetual state of existential dread while constantly desiring  to spread genuine kindness and good vibes creates a unique energy juxtaposition that becomes apparent the more you listen to their tunage. 


Inspired by all avenues of artistic expression, in addition to the aforementioned EP releases, Demyia is working with videographers, choreographers, and visual artists to craft an all encompassing piece of performance art. They also aim to keep themselves and others aware of the ongoing struggles faced by marginalized peoples, and serve as an advocate for the LGBTQ+, POC, and autistic communities (to name a few). Want to be an official Glitter Babe? Follow them on Instagram to keep up with the aesthetic shenanigans, sign up for the email list to receive music updates, and subscribe to see exclusive music content.